There is a yellow light on my keypad and it keeps beeping.


Your keypad will continually "beep", and the yellow triangle will be illuminated, whenever there is a Trouble Condition.


A Trouble Condition is a warning system of something wrong, or a potential vulnerability with your security system.


To Silence:

Press: The Pound/Hashtag Button (on the bottom right of the keypad).


The yellow triangle will start blinking. You will also see a small number displayed on the keypad. This number represents a certain condition, and should not be confused with a "zone number".

Online Help & Support - Trouble Light

System Status Lights
Explanation Video
This brief video will explain the status lights on your security system keypad.
Please scroll to the 2:24 mark.
Trouble Condition Definitions


Light 1: Service Required

Press key 1 for more details. If number 1 light stays on the main battery backup needs replacing. If number 2 thru 8 comes on call for service.


Light 2: Loss of Power

Your security system has lost it's main source of power.

Example: The power in your home is off, the breaker that the system is plugged into may be switched off, or the systems transformer bad or unplugged.


Light 3: Telephone Line Trouble

The sytem has detected that the phone line it used to communicate through is not working. 

Example: Phone service from phone provider could be temporarily down for service, or your phone line may have been cut.


Light 4: Failure to Communicate

The system did not successfully communicate to the monitoring station on its latest attempt. This will only clear after a successful alarm communication to the monitoring station.


Light 5: Zone Fault

Press key 5 for more details, the zone light with fault will come on.

A wireless device has not checked in, smoke det. missing, etc.


Light 6: Zone Tamper

Press key 6 for more details, the zone with the tamper condition 

will come on. A wireless device has a cover not on, check the device cover.


Light 7: Wireless Device Low Battery

Press key 7 for more details, the zone/s with a bad battery will come on, replace the zone device battery, then open door/window should clear this trouble. If no zone light comes on after pressing key 7, then it is a wireless four button remote keyfob that needs new batteries (usually 2, 2025 batteries). Should you have 2 or 3 remotes it would be wise to just change the batteries in all of them.


Light 8: Loss of Clock.

The internal clock is not set


Remedy: Set The Clock


How To Set Clock: Press [*] [6] [Master Code] [1] (enter 24 hour "miliatary time" plus the date. This is the format:  HH:MM MM/DD/YY)

Press [#] to exit.  



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