A look at two very different attacks on homeowners. Both attacks may leave you devastated, but the latter may be fatal. Knowing the difference of the attacks, and the motive of the intruder, and how to properly use your security system, may save your life.

The Difference.


Burglars do not want a confrontation with the homeowner. Their motivation is a quick theft without detection. They want to break-in, steal valuables and leave before you even know they are there.

Unlike burglars, home invaders usually seek a confrontation with the homeowner. They operate with the notion that once inside the home they can work privately, without unexpected interruption by the homeowner or law enforcement. The mindset of a home invader is different in that he will expect to encounter the homeowner and will be ready to use force to get what he wants. Home invaders want the residents to be there so they are able to control the situation – no one will walk in on them to interrupt and no one will be able to contact law enforcement. They want the homeowner there so he will tell them where valuables are located and will provide information like ATM PINs, bank account numbers, and safe combinations.

Burglary Prevention Tips


  • ​Do not place valuables where they are visible from outside.

  • Change locks when moving into a home or when keys are lost.

  • Never leave garage door openers or keys in vehicles.

  • Store tools and ladders in locked storage areas.

  • Avoid discussing vacation plans in public areas.

  • Never leave a note on your door that indicates your absence. 

Home Invasion Prevention Tips


  • Keep your security system armed while at home.

  • Never rely on a chain-latch for a partially opened door.

  • Alert neighbors to suspicious solicitors and service persons.

  • Verify the identity of workers before they enter by asking for ID.

  • A wide-angle viewer or camera system helps identify visitors.


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